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Our Approach

By engaging the entire workplace, we create a culture of continuous improvement throughout your business, where everyone works together to drive operational performance and solve problems each day.

The process starts with a clear understanding of your business objectives. We then design a tailored program and action plan to take your business where it needs to go. Ongoing support with the skills and coaching at every stage ensures that each of your objectives are achieved.We have delivered sustainable bottom line improvements across the whole manufacturing process from plant layout development to supply chain design and a huge range of business processes from product development to financial processing.

We use a ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ approach to Lean implementation, we work with you to tailor a solution, get hands-on with you as you pilot the solution, then give you time to trial and reflect on the new processes before returning to your site to ‘check’ the results and ‘act’ to lock in the change.

TXM Plan-Do-Check-Act Approach

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