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Andrew Czompo – Senior Lean Consultant

Lean Consultant Andrew Czompo

Senior Lean Consultant Andrew Czompo

Andrew Czompo comes to the TXM team in Melbourne, Australia with a distinguished 25 year track record of leading lean transformations. Starting his career at Ford Australia, Andrew rose to the role of Production Superintendent before he was hand picked for coaching by Toyota experts as part of the establishment of the Ford Production System. Andrew then lead Lean and Six Sigma initiatives in vehicle assembly before being promoted in to departmental management roles. From Ford, Andrew lead Lean and CI in a Cable Manufacturing business before becoming  full time Lean Coach.

Andrew has a Mechanical Engineering Degree, a Masters of Business, is a certified Lean 6-Sigma Master Black Belt, a Lean and Agile Master and a qualified Trainer, Assessor and Program designer. He has more than 20 years experience in implementing Business and Operational Excellence initiatives within organisations, from the C-Level right through to the ‘blue collar’ employee, for large multi-nationals and smaller SME’s alike.

Over the past 7 years, Andrew has purely focussed his experience and capability into the project management and professional consulting. He has worked across major industry sectors ranging from Automotive, Warehousing, Logistics, Sales, Marketing, Information Technology, Mining & Minerals, Construction, Agriculture, Health, Services, Retail, Municipal Council and Government, Pharmaceutical and FMCG.

Having a powerful blend of technical, people and business management qualifications with worldly experience, Andrew is equipped with the savvy street smarts for the corporate world. His hands-on engagements range from grass roots factory floor initiatives, through to the marketing back-office idea generation, and right up to the Executive Board developing and deploying corporate strategy.

His advanced operational and project management skills coupled with his ability to transform organisational culture positions him with an innate ability to influence and execute with precision. His consulting experience is well supported with over 500+ hands on transformation applications returning project value in excess of 350% ROI.

Having such a broad diversification of experience and proven results, coupled with his engaging collaborative and motivational style allows Andrew to continue to successfully deliver business transformation initiatives to all facets of industry.