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Gary Pollard – Senior Lean Consultant

Gary PollardGary is a highly skilled leader in implementing Business Improvement initiatives (Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints and Factory Physics) in over 120 organisations from diverse industry sectors in the UK, USA, South America, The Caribbean, Africa, New Zealand and Australia for the past 28 years.
Gary’s business improvement career has been committed to developing, facilitating, presenting, coaching and mentoring improvement strategies. This improvement has had a very strong focus on culture, leadership, teamwork, strategy, process, systems and work execution.

Gary retains a professional coaching qualification and can measure any organisation’s cultural/business performance to an industry benchmark and or organisational baseline standard, likewise with departments, teams and individuals.

Specialities include: High performance team development, Waste identification and elimination, Workplace organisation (5S), Quick changeovers (SMED), Kaizen (rapid improvement events), Green and Black Belt project selection and execution, Workplace process alignment, Collaboration and synchronisation and Cultural business transformation.

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