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Michelle Brown – Senior Lean Consultant

Michelle Brown is an outstanding Business Improvement facilitator who embraces the core principles of the Lean Enterprise Methodology. She had partnered with a range of industries since her time with TXM, including aerospace, precision sheet metal, professional photography, mining equipment, logistics services, warehousing, electronics manufacturing and professional services.

With a mechanical engineering background, Michelle’s aerospace training ground has set the foundation for a comprehensive understanding of the Lean tools and how to apply them across a variety of situations. But understanding the Lean tools isn’t enough to successfully implement enterprise-wide improvement. Michelle is also able to work with your teams to understand your ability embrace the Lean foundation concepts and coach key people to grow and sustain these concepts into real business improvement.

Michelle is based in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to being lean consultant, her interests include sailing and mixed media art. Michelle also continues to support Victoria’s Defence sector through her ongoing work with the Australian Industry and Defence Network AIDN-Vic.}

As a Senior Lean Consultant at TXM since 2008, Michelle has completed a wide range of projects. Read case studies of Michelle’s work at Chep, Fortress Resistors and Server Racks Australia

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