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Roger Crothers – Senior Lean Consultant

Based on the Gold Coast, Qld, Roger has more then 17 years experience driving continuous improvement initiatives across mechanical, industrial and FMCG industries. He has an extensive knowledge of Lean methodologies and a strong grasp on the true cost of waste inside a business.

Roger joins TXM from a senior Operations Management role in the food industry where he lead one of Sydney’s best lean transformations. Prior to that Roger worked in the Aluminium extrusion industry where he was first was responsible for continuous improvement and saw the transformational power of lean approaches. Roger has a mechanical trade background which gives him a practical grounding, combined with extensive Lean training in Australia, Japan and the US, including being mentored by TXM Consulting Director, Anthony Clyne.

Roger has run improvement programs and projects across a number of business disciplines such as: Safety, Environment, Quality, Innovation, Supply Chain, Engineering, Warehousing, ERP, Industrial relations, process control and finance. This gives him a bredth of knowledge that enables Roger to quickly customise his Lean Consulting approach to the customers needs.

In recent years Roger has run lean programs to optimise returns on major capital projects such as food retorting line automation (project value $3mill), Factory redesigns ($24mill) and warehouse extension and layout ($8mill).

Beyond his manufacturing skills, Roger brings extensive knowledge of business process lean developed through training in the US and applied to a wide range of Lean Office projects in Australia.

Roger is a Senior Lean Consultant in Queensland. His coaching style is to focus on developing key people in an organisation to drive culture change “teach a person to fish”. This enables organisation to translate waste reduction into bottom line results.

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