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Tim Scurlock – Senior Lean Consultant – UK

Tim Scurlock lean consultantTim Scurlock had 20 years experience working extensively in the Automotive Industry in the UK, Europe and globally before moving in to consulting 5 years ago. Tim is based in Buckinghamshire in the historic heart of the UK and joined TXM in 2016.

Tim’s career started in a market scheduling role in General Motors Vauxhall.  His GM career moved on to encompass roles in  Marketing Management, Field Sales and Environment policy development. His career and life was transformed when he was appointed to lead a team of Facilitators, challenging and re-working GM’s bureaucratic processes.  Success in the UK with this programme led to Tim running the program for GM Europe. The Europe program really started taking off when Tim integrated it with the Manufacturing processes and philosophies that GM had adopted from the Toyota Production System.

Since leaving GM, Tim has worked in both Manufacturing and Service industries, in driving efficiency, running Lean programmes and training teams of Lean Coaches.  He has learned to apply Lean across almost almost every industry sector including Automotive, Financial Services and IT and most recently Airlines.

Tim brings a broad range of Lean skills and experience to TXM, but in particular he has a deep understanding of implementing Lean in office and service environments.