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We are excited to have a site for sharing useful and practical information:
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From the TXM Team

benchmark action plans project overview

Improve Buy In with a Visual Action Plan

Published: April 28th, 2017
We want to improve team buy in and take your action plan to the next level by making it visual. We’ll go into what is a visual action plan, with examples and why it’s important for team buy in while rolling out the plan to achieve your goals. ... Read more
steps for a good action plan

Developing an Action Plan for Real World Improvements

Published: April 24th, 2017
This article is to remind you of the importance of thinking through the creation of an action plan, making sure your plan is as good as it can be with the time and information you have at the time, and then GETTING IT DONE! And then remember to review and make changes as you need to, to achieve your goal. ... Read more

Lean Tools to Support a Make to Order Production System

Published: April 5th, 2017
Here we will look at three key Lean Manufacturing tools to help support the implementation of a make to order production system. Each tools addresses a different issue and when done well, they do complement each other.  ... Read more
reduce lead time extended supply chain

How Do You Reduce Lead Time in Your Supply Chain?

Published: April 5th, 2017
Excessively long lead times are the single biggest factor leading to poor supply chain performance. If your business is suffering with excessive lead times from suppliers, especially international suppliers, then this article will provide some practical tips on how to reduce your lead times. ... Read more
Dowell Windows Best practice network

Lean won’t work here? Try the “Quick Wins” Approach!

Published: March 8th, 2017
Is there a way for people not to “roll their eyes" when the “lean” word is out of the bag? Let’s start with the view that a “lean” business is ultimately trying to improve, focussing on growing people and working together. That's where the quick wins approach can work well. Then we can start with defining the big goals and how using Lean tools to reach those objectives.  ... Read more

How Poor Product Management Can Damage Your Reputation and Cost You Millions

Published: March 1st, 2017
The decision about what products to sell and what products not to sell is one of the most important marketing decision that most manufacturing and distribution businesses will make. Unfortunately, in many cases, I find that businesses have no formal process for product management. This inevitably leads to excessive stock, write offs, losses and poor on time delivery performance. ... Read more
categorise problems with the cynefin framework

Making Sense of your Problems with The Cynefin Framework

Published: February 26th, 2017
Cynefin Framework offers decision-makers a way to view a situation or problem. The model helps categorise the situation and assists in setting out how we can approach these different situations, and how to solve them. ... Read more
visual control board with PDCA thinking

Embedding PDCA Thinking into Our Visual Management

Published: February 13th, 2017
Embedding PDCA thinking into our visual management systems, particularly the Check and Act mindset, helps us to be more effective across many aspects of our business, through continuous improvement. Here we look at examples of visual management against PDCA thinking. ... Read more
documenting and sharing improvements

Documenting and Sharing Improvements and Lessons Learnt

Published: February 2nd, 2017
Our continuous improvements are often hard fought and hard won, so we want them to be sustained and shared. Documenting and sharing our lessons learnt are an important part of all continuous improvement cycles. This was highlighted to Michelle Brown, TXM Consultant, during a recent project of introducing problem solving to a team of manufacturing people, and here she picks up her story. ... Read more

Overcoming Reluctance when Implementing Lean Systems

Published: February 2nd, 2017
Lean systems in many instances are implemented when company are faced with a challenge and have identified that new ways of doing business are required. The transition away from old habits to new ways of thinking can create a wall of reluctance within your work teams if not done correctly when faced with this type of situation.  ... Read more