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Sustaining Practical 5S

In preforming 5S activities on site I often see that the initial efforts go well and gains are quickly made to production areas.  Over time this may begin to slide as the initial drive gives way to normal changing demands of manufacturing.  To prevent these effects we can consider what we would do if you or I decided that we wish to create a change in our lives such as to join a gym or take up running for exercise, you might have to put in place other events/conditions/standards to ensure ongoing commitment to this change, such developing a schedule, going to bed just that little bit earlier, finding a friend to join you or driving home a different way to pass the gym.

When starting Practical 5S (P5S™) we consider what are the conditions for sustaining success. Below is a list of ideas that can help in the longterm  sustaining efforts for a good 5S program;

  • Create a 5S poster with in-house examples
  • Develop a practical 5S auditing tool.
  • Display 5S metrics.
  • Develop a storyboard to display good results “a picture is worth a thousand words”.
  • 5S newsletter can be centred around in-house improvements and to communicate new 5S conditions.
  • Setup a 5S communication board with 5S map to involve all employees.
  • Develop in-house 5S manual that to explain examples for each of the 5S steps.
  • If areas have been improving maybe take 10 minutes and arrange for in-house tours to show off to others great examples of 5S.

Sustaining practical 5S is about developing good habits that properly maintain 5S standards overtime.  Having a longer term view to committing to the rewards of practical 5S are greater then the rewards of departing from it.