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Lean Principles

Understanding Waste, Unevenness and Overburden – Muda, Mura and Muri

Published: July 7, 2016
The definition of Lean is to reduce wastes. Here we will look at the THREE types of wastes the may occur in a process. We will explore the “7 wastes” of Muda and update our understanding of the other two, lesser know wastes Mura - the waste of unevenness, and Muri - the waste of overburden. These two wastes are often overlooked at we journey along the Lean path. ... Read more

Simplicity in Business Systems leads to Best Practices

Published: June 24, 2016
Within manufacturing, lean thinking continues to drive innovation in the way business systems are arranged. The underlining principle to this has been to follow the lean concepts that simplifies the process. Simplicity drives best practice. ... Read more
rough documentation helps with practical standard work

Guide to Practical Lean Standard Work

Published: May 30, 2016
Standard work is an integral part of lean manufacturing. The goal of standardising the work is to reduce the variability in a process by documenting and training operators in the best way to perform that process, while achieving the required outcomes in Quality, Safety, Delivery and Cost. Standard work is the least-used tool in lean, but arguably the most powerful one. Once Standard Work is in place, it becomes the baseline for all future improvements. ... Read more

Improving Our Work with a Quality Mindset

Published: May 28, 2016
It is possible to build a Quality Mindset into everything we do. We need to consider the fundamental points of customer requirements, understand what a quality approach means to our business, map our processes, utilising the available tools and committing to fixing our quality as soon as an error is found. ... Read more