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Lean Principles

Developing a Waste Elimination Culture

Published: June 6, 2014
How do we approach Waste elimination in a manufacturing environment? Start by developing a structured process that is simple and centred on reducing the waste, no matter how small, as this will add up over time to build team skills and improvement performance. It is better to do something small rather than not addressing the wastes at all. In any manufacturing processes the wastes are not easily seen at a first glance, and the task of identifying then requires a structured approach to eliminate wastes. ... Read more

Maintenance as an Essential Part of Lean

Published: May 9, 2014
As we implemented and refined our Lean Enterprise Production System the stability of the processes becomes extremely important. We need a good parts supply, reliable quality, dependable people, with the skills to complete the tasks needed, and of course, machines that we know will work when we need them to run. This week we will be looking at why maintenance is an essential part of any Lean Enterprise system and how to get started to include maintenance as a key part of our Lean Enterprise. ... Read more

Putting the Lean Tools Together

Published: April 28, 2014
Whether you are just starting out in your lean journey, need a little brush up or well established in your Lean Enterprise system and are ready to train new-comers, understanding how the Lean Tools fit together for your business and style of lean becomes an important part of your communication and rollout. ... Read more

Lean Implementation Planning

Published: March 7, 2014
Once the Lean direction and vision is set, the commitment has been communicated across the company and the deployment policy has been outlined across all level, we are now ready to put an actionable plan in place to implement lean across the organisation. ... Read more