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Getting the Right Lean Resources for a Successful Lean Project

Published: February 13, 2016
How do you resource a successful Lean transformation. There are lots of different approaches and different types of Lean resources available, but what is the most effective approach. In this blog, TXM Managing Director discusses the pros and cons of the various approaches to lean resources and recommends some practical solutions. ... Read more

What is Industry 4.0 – Something New or just “Ground Hog Day”

Published: January 20, 2016
If you listen to the business media there is a revolution coming to manufacturing. It is called Industry 4.0, a fourth industrial revolution based on emerging technologies such as “the internet of things”, “big data”, advanced automation and additive technologies. So what is new and different about Industry 4.0, what does it change and what should you be doing about it? ... Read more

Five Tips to Designing an Effective Team Visual Management Board

Published: November 27, 2015
We know that communicating business performance to staff through visual management boards can and does help employee engagement and drive daily improvement in many businesses. So what are the secrets to success to visual management? Here are five simple tips from our experience to help you avoid the pitfalls and get the best out of Visual Management Boards ... Read more

The Waste of Mistrust

Published: November 26, 2015
Increasingly it seems that the assumption built in to most of our lives is that we can trust pretty much no-one. Almost every transaction we do is wrapped in passwords and privacy checks on the assumption that we are all potential hackers and identity thieves. In Lean Thinking, we typically define waste as an activity that does not add value to the customer. Mistrust is a great source of non-value added waste. ... Read more