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Top 3 TXM Lean Minute Videos

Published: March 1, 2015
Our TXM Lean Minute videos have attracted attention from around the globe and we love bringing them to you! They are a fun way to bring our lean philosophy, theory and practical tools to life, and hopefully the help to reinforce a point you already know, or to bring you something new, or a new way of looking at things in your business. ... Read more

The Key to Sustaining your Lean Culture

Published: February 8, 2015
Mike Hoseus spoke at a recent AME event in Melbourne, covering Lean People development with the topic “The Key to sustaining your lean culture”. The starting point is problem solving; “Is your company a problem solving company?” questions Mike to the audience - the reply from the audience was only uncomfortable silence. ... Read more

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Lean Goals

Published: January 23, 2015
This year, let’s NOT make any New Year’s resolutions when it comes to running our businesses and being successful. Rather than go through the usual goals around mission statements and visions, let’s ask ourselves - did that work last year? Instead let’s commit to these two simple principles that we can undertake every day. ... Read more

We’ve implemented Kanban and STILL have shortages – HELP!

Published: December 5, 2014
Congratulation on implementing your kanban system! After some time, cracking in your kanban system may begin to appear and you may hear “We’ve implemented Kanban and STILL have shortages!” As with every business system, the straying towards entropy is inevitable and it is the audits and checklists that keep the systems in check. Let’s look at what can go wrong with our kanban system and what we can do about it! ... Read more