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Top 3 Tips for Auditing your Audits

Published: July 23, 2014
We know that audits are an important part of sustaining our Lean systems. But they are often the hardest part of implementing a new system and are easy to let slip, which results in systems that fade rather than embedded into our daily and weekly business processes. Here we will discuss the top three tips for auditing your audits and making sure your team is getting the best out of these unique opportunities to work on the business. ... Read more

Did your Lean Processes Survive your Holiday?

Published: July 11, 2014
Over the last few weeks, three of the TXM Lean Consultants have been enjoying a well-earned break and it is hard to clear our work calendars to allow us to have time away from the office. But what an opportunity this presents our businesses - how does our business work while we are away? Have we set up systems that are robust enough to work well, regardless of whether we are there or not? Here are five questions to check if your Lean Processes will survive your holiday. ... Read more

Mastering Meaningful Metrics

Published: June 20, 2014
“What gets measured, gets managed” is the adage by management expert Peter Drukker and you would be hard pressed to find a company today that doesn’t have some level of metrics. The challenge is to differentiate between every day “business” metrics and “lean metrics”. Let's look at the key elements to getting good metrics in place and tools for sustaining their use. ... Read more

Developing a Waste Elimination Culture

Published: June 6, 2014
How do we approach Waste elimination in a manufacturing environment? Start by developing a structured process that is simple and centred on reducing the waste, no matter how small, as this will add up over time to build team skills and improvement performance. It is better to do something small rather than not addressing the wastes at all. In any manufacturing processes the wastes are not easily seen at a first glance, and the task of identifying then requires a structured approach to eliminate wastes. ... Read more