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Top Five Lean Videos from TXM

Published: August 2, 2016
Over the past three years we have posted dozens of videos, but a few have really connected with the on-line audience. The common thread is that they offer simple practical tips that you can implement today in your business. ... Read more
innovation in Lean implementation

The “Maslow’s Hierarchy” of Continuous Improvement

Published: July 25, 2016
Companies that are just beginning their lean journey will often talk about the company culture they would like to instil into their organisation. For some companies this dream is going to take more work and time than with others. Today we will look at the “Maslow’s Hierarchy” of Continuous Improvement that is needed to create a lean culture where continuous improvement and innovation are part of the fabric of the company. ... Read more
Visual Management Board Example

Lead Metrics and Lag Metrics for Visual Controls

Published: July 25, 2016
Metrics are a key ingredient for improved communication in a visual Lean workplace and are essential for good Lean Daily Leadership. It’s also important to review your metrics to make sure they are still supporting your goals. Here we will look into different types of metrics that may be suitable to support you, and discuss the importance of understanding which metrics are leading and which are lagging, and how to determine a balance between the two types of metrics. ... Read more

Understanding Waste, Unevenness and Overburden – Muda, Mura and Muri

Published: July 7, 2016
The definition of Lean is to reduce wastes. Here we will look at the THREE types of wastes the may occur in a process. We will explore the “7 wastes” of Muda and update our understanding of the other two, lesser know wastes Mura - the waste of unevenness, and Muri - the waste of overburden. These two wastes are often overlooked at we journey along the Lean path. ... Read more