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Potential Stumbling Blocks When Creating a Value Stream Map

Published: November 8, 2016
Understanding your company’s “Value Stream” is an important part of your Lean Manufacturing journey, regardless of what type of products you are making or services you are offering. Today we will look at stumbling blocks when using the Value Stream Mapping approach in your business. ... Read more

Address Old Problems with The Six Big Losses in Manufacturing

Published: October 25, 2016
The Six Big Losses examine efficiency problems and is a framework about having fewer defects, stoppages and breakdowns. ... Read more

How Effective Professional Development Builds Great Companies

Published: October 11, 2016
So how are companies like Boeing and Toyota enable to find leaders who can lead the various parts of their business in a consistent way? The answer is that these companies consciously work to develop leaders at all levels of their business. They pride themselves on offering a career path for employees from graduation to the C-suite. ... Read more

Developing Innovation Through Culture

Published: September 28, 2016
Developing innovation needs the right company culture. Here we look at how we can improve our culture to create the innovation that is needed for us to be competitive, including the approaches and consideration to help us along the way. ... Read more