Lean Manufacturing is the management system focussed on the relentless pursuit of efficiency and elimination of waste in all its forms. This transformational approach delivers sustainable bottom line growth through continuous improvement – from the front office to the factory floor. TXM are the Asia-Pacific Lean Enterprise experts, successfully adapting the lean approach to fit each customer’s industry and culture and deliver sustained improvement.

Why TXM Lean Manufacturing

Today’s tough economic climate demands business measures every potential investment against expected returns. So here are some numbers. For around 10% of the cost of investment in automated machinery and just 20% of the cost of manufacturing software, TXM has delivered:

  • 80% reduction in lead time
  • 50% cut in inventory
  • 30% improvement in productivity
  • Floor space and production capacity gains of over 30%
  • Improved quality, customer service, safety and morale.

And we do it sustainably so that our customers keep on improving year after year. To learn more about Lean and discover what it can do for your business…

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Learn About Lean Manufacturing

You can learn much more about lean and get ideas to help transform your business from our blog, articles, case studies and newsletters. Subscribe to our blog via RSS or join our Linked In Groups for interesting lean articles delivered to your desktop. TXM has a depth of experience in implementing the full range of lean techniques including VSM, 5S, TPM, Smarter Changeovers, Kanban, Just in Time, Standard Work, Level Production, Jidoka, Mistake Proofing, and Root Cause Analysis. We combine this with a broad practical knowledge of manufacturing processes, technology and the real world experience of having worked in factories ourselves. Our team pride themselves on the fact that they are all manufacturing professionals first, consultants second. When you are ready to learn from their experience…

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Meeting the Challenge of Change

Sustainable Lean Manufacturing is not just about a management toolkit and a training course. It is a way of thinking and working that is fundamentally different to traditional approaches. It requires aligned leadership and a culture change. At TXM our Total Excellence System™ is a holistic approach to transforming your business. We coach your senior management through our proven Senior Leadership Lean Development Workshops and use our Lean Daily Leadership Process® (LDLP) to develop front line leaders. Our Manufacturing Agility Process® helps you see the waste in your processes and develop a future state plan, while our Practical 5S™ (P5S) builds your lean foundations with a sustainable transformation in how your workplace is organised. Finally, our unique daily Problem Solving methodology (SPED™) will help your business build a culture of continuous improvement.

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TXM – the Leaders in Lean Enterprise

TXM Lean Coaches work with you each step of the way, delivering productivity improvements that are embedded in your business’s DNA – improvements that continue long after our on-site involvement has ended.

We work with you to identify measurable business improvement objectives. We then tailor our approach to ensure that these objectives are met. Our warranty means that we wont walk away until you are satisfied that we have achieved our goals and you certainly wont be subjected to a formulaic agenda of workshops in the training room.

Coaching is hands on with short theory sessions followed by direct application in the workplace. This ensures that your team gain the knowledge they need and get to apply this learning right away, building their confidence in applying the learnings.

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“We couldn’t have asked for more from TXM – the team delivered what we wanted and so much more. They were professional throughout the project. They became a key part of our team for the entire project.”

Mike – Branach Manufacturing (view case study)