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Kimberly Clark Professional

“TXM provided vital support in challenging our thinking and processes to create an innovative sales program that elevated us from catalogue selling to solution selling. Our sellers realised that we weren’t selling anymore. We were joining our customers’ teams and solving problems together. Our program was eventually expanded across multiple platforms, adopted globally, and referenced in a Harvard Business Review article.”

Stephen Borengasser, Efficient Workplace Platform Leader, Kimberly-Clark Professional

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United Technologies

“TXM Director, Tim McLean’s knowledge of implementing lean manufacturing concepts in Chinese manufacturing environments was truly exceptional.”

James Jordano, VP Supply Chain, UTC Fire and Security

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Larnec Doors

“We get as much work done in half the time it used to take. Lead time targets have been exceeded with 90% of doors manufactured to order in under four days. Management of the plant is a lot simpler and we no longer need to worry about what is running on the punch or folders, as long as the Kanban cards are moving through the system we know we are on track.”

Leon Joyce, Operations Manager, Larnec Doors

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Sykes Racing

“The empowerment, knowledge, opportunity and satisfaction that has come to the shopfloor has been nothing short of spectacular in terms of the commitment to improvement and the participation in the journey.

Our most cynical operators have become our main Lean advocates”

Jeff Lawrence, Managing Director, Sykes Racing

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Schuetz DSL

“The TXM associates were great to work with an added significant value to our business.”

Andrew Gill, General Manager, Schuetz DSL

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Branach Manufacturing

“It was comforting as a business owner to know that TXM had been there and done that and could guide us through a very difficult process. They are a great learning resource and have played a key role in fostering lasting change in our business.”

Mike, Branach Manufacturing

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