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We are excited to have a site for sharing useful and practical information:
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From the TXM Team

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Find the Hidden Waste in your Business

Published: November 17th, 2017
Where do you look for hidden waste when your business already “looks” efficient? The best answer is to revisit your value streams and systematically identify and eliminate waste. However a walking through of your operation may show up some surprising examples of hidden waste in your operation ... Read more

What is a Value Stream Map?

Published: November 7th, 2017
Surely everyone knows what is a value stream map? At least you would expect Lean practitioners and Lean consultants to know? Sadly, I find that is not the case and I find all sorts of process maps being described as a value stream map. So, in this blog I want to take you back to basics and describe what is a value stream map. ... Read more
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Supporting Good Communication with Technology

Published: October 19th, 2017
Good communication is central to having a prospering organisation and technology solutions may be able to help take your communication to the next level. Here we will outline the basic needs for good communication and a few software solutions that may help your team to further improve their communications. ... Read more
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How to Recruit a Great Operations Manager

Published: October 17th, 2017
How do you recruit a great Operations Manager i? We talked to an experienced manufacturing recruiter and came up with some simple steps that will hopefully enable you to fit the right person for your business. ... Read more

Keeping Score with Good Metrics: Grand Finals and our Businesses

Published: October 2nd, 2017
It’s Grand Final season and our eyes will be on the scoreboard during the game, keeping track of the timing clock and watching the scores. So what can we learn from within the Grand Final this year? When you return to work, is your team ready to head out like they are playing on the hallowed grounds of the MGC or Stadium Australia? ... Read more
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Effectively Using a Skills Matrix to Develop Your Team

Published: September 7th, 2017
The “people issues” become critical as we develop processes and standard ways of working to optimise our efficiencies and workflow. Effectively using a skills matrix is key to developing your people to meet these new challenges. Here we’ll look at what a skills matrix is, why it’s important and how to use a skills matrix to develop our people. ... Read more

Avoiding a “Bad” Improvement Project

Published: September 4th, 2017
We’ve all seen those improvement projects that look out of place and not aligned with the company direction. So, how do you ensure your improvement project doesn’t look like something that’s been tacked on? Let’s look at starting with a clear roadmap, getting the basics in place, then keep moving with more advanced lean tools. ... Read more
Operations Manager Cartoon

What Makes a Great Operations Manager?

Published: August 9th, 2017
So what are the signs that you have hired a really effective Operations Manager or General Manager in your business?The challenge is that some of these seem counter-intuitive and you might not recognise them as positive behaviours, or worse, see them as negatives. Here are 10 things that will show that your Operations Manager is a top performer.  ... Read more

Combining Lean Tools and Safety Standards for Improvements

Published: August 1st, 2017
The practice of providing a safe workplace and implementing Lean production systems have been kept separate in most manufacturing sites. It is not uncommon to find these two essential functions being slightly out of alignment due to their seemingly opposite objectives. There are three excellent lean tools that you can implement into processes to create a safer and incident-free workplace ... Read more

Broaden your Horizons with these Great Lean Books

Published: July 26th, 2017
As the days are dark and cold, there is nothing like sitting down with a good book to feed your brain and get you ready for the challenging week ahead. Here are four good reads to get you started. ... Read more