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As the world’s population grows and available stocks of arable land shrink, the productivity of food production will need to increase. TXM is ready to help Agricultural producers meet this challenge through our unique and growing base of experience in applying Lean Enterprise to Agricultural businesses.

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TXM have recognised that the key to successful farming is doing the right things in the right way at the right time every day, every month, every year. As Agricultural businesses increase in size and employ larger, more transient workforces achieving this consistency of approach becomes harder and harder.

This is where TXM comes in. We have adapted proven lean techniques such as standardised work and daily problem solving so they can be applied right through agricultural processes from sowing through to the packing shed and from breeding through to the abattoir.

Lean Agriculture Case studies:

TXM Agribusiness customers include the following excellent customers across horticulture, egg production and mushroom farming:

  • Harvest Moon
  • Houston’s Farm
  • Kinross Farm
  • Scato Plus

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