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The worlds largest manufacturing industry and the industry that was the crucible of process innovation through lean, the automotive industry has faced severe challenges over recent decades. Traditional markets have shown stagnant sales, overcapacity, intense competition and an increasingly demanding consumer. Developing markets like China and India are experiencing rapid growth, with manufacturers often struggling to build capacity to keep up with growth and maintain market share.

As markets like China mature and the number of players starts to rationalise, a the focus is increasingly on improving efficiency and quality. TXM is working with major Global Tier 1 suppliers and their Chinese component suppliers to improve quality, reduce cost and achieve a smoother supply chain.

In Australia, where the OEM manufacturing is in decline, the TXM Automotive focus is on the aftermarket industry. Aftermarket components enable owners to customise their vehicles to their particular needs and to suit their outdoor pastimes. The highly innovative aftermarket industry leverages Australia’s passion for off road travel, motorsport and outdoor recreation and develops products that it exports to the world.

The challenge of the aftermarket industry is diversity of product, with products needing to be designed to fit every make and model in the car fleet. This requires Agile Manufacturing approaches which TXM excel in. TXM has enabled Aftermarket manufacturers to offer “next day” service while greatly reducing lead time, cost and waste.