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Chemicals and Coatings

The Chemicals, Coatings and Mineral Processing industry is a great example of a process industry where lean approaches can lead to real break throughs in efficiency, lead times and quality.

Continuous Process


In continuous process industries such as petrochemicals, smelting and alumina refining, process stability is vital. The TXM problem solving approach can create a culture of continuous improvement and lead to significant gains in quality, yield and efficiency.

Lean foundations such as 5S and visual management engage the workforce and encourage regular communication, which is often hard to achieve in operations which are large, dispersed, and operating on rotating shifts.
A TPM approach can complement traditional reliability approaches to maintenance by engaging operators in improving machine performance alongside maintainers.

Batch Process

Batch production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and coatings often involves a huge range of materials, short lead times, multiple production steps and complex quality assurance processes. TXM has enabled coatings and pharmaceutical manufacturers to halve lead times and inventory, achieve 95%+ on time delivery, cut waste, and improve efficiencies.

By understanding the key value streams and applying straightforward practical lean solutions, we have enabled our customers to transform their operations and the level of service they offer customers.

Learn some of the secrets of applying Lean in process manufacturing.

TXM Chemicals and Coatings Projects have included the following great companies:

Australia and New Zealand:


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Lean Manufacturing for OEE Improvement in Pharmaceuticals

China Case Study

Lean Manufacturing Enables Coatings Manufacturer to Reduce Lead Time and Inventory by 50%

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