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Food and FMCG Manufacturing

TXM has significant experience in Food and Fast Moving Consumer Gods (FMCG) Manufacturing. Our team have enabled customers to increase line outputs by up to 50% and reduce product waste by 75% in environments as diverse as flour milling, confectionery production, egg processing, sauce and condiment production, fruit juice bottling, wine making, paint manufacturing, firearms ammunition, fresh vegetable processing and baking.


We have also helped customers design complex global and regional lean supply chains that have reduced lead times and working capital by up to 50%.

Our practical 5S approach and SPEDTM system for Structured Problem Solving complements the GMP and compliance efforts of our clients and leads to a clean, clear visual workplace producing consistent high quality products.

Our detailed knowledge of packaging and chemicals processes is also often of benefit to our Food and FMCG customers.

Learn Some of the Secrets of Applying Lean in Process Manufacturing
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Food, and FMCG Lean Case Studies


TXM Lean Case Study Video – Ferguson Plarre

Our Customers

TXM Food and FMCG Projects have included the following great companies

Australia and New Zealand:


Food, Beverage and FMCG

Fast Moving Consumer Goods – non Food


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