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The packaging industry is one of the world’s most competitive. Businesses operate on single digit margins with high volumes and high levels of capital. Packaging manufacturers need to provide a consistent high quality product that is often a key to their customers’ successful marketing efforts.

Increasingly packaging customers are becoming lean and demanding just in time supply of small batches at extremely short lead times. This is most established for packaging suppliers to the Asian electronics industry, but is increasingly extending to areas such as pharmaceuticals and FMCG. Packaging manufacturers need to change their operational model in order to meet these changing customer demands.

TXM has extensive experience of the packaging industry over range of mediums through our work with both users and manufacturers of packaging in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific. Our experience encompasses corrugated boxes, litho cartons, blowmoulding (PET and extrusion blow), closures, flexible packaging, label printing, food service packaging, intermediate bulk containers, pallets and returnable plastic containers.

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Packaging Industry Case Studies

TXM Packaging Industry projects have included the following great companies:

Australia and New Zealand:

China and South East Asia