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Private Equity

Private Equity companies are focused on creating shareholder value within the businesses they acquire. Therefore there is a close alignment between the goals of Banks, Private Equity and Funds Management Companies and value focus of Lean Thinking.


TXM has been recognised by leading Australian and International Private Equity companies as having the skills to deliver dramatic improvement in manufacturing companies. Our services to Private Equity include:

  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain technical due diligence
  • Operational assessment and Benchmarking
  • Focused operational turnaround

The TXM team brings together the elements essential to support the transformation of manufacturing and supply chain businesses:

  • Deep practical understanding of manufacturing across a wide range of industries
  • Outstanding influencing and change management skills at every level of the organisation
  • Leading expertise in Lean Thinking and best practice manufacturing approaches
  • A commitment to get the job done and to deliver a sustainable result

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