Lean Problem Solving

TXM has developed the unique “Solving Problems Every Day” SPED ™ methodology to engage all your employees in solving problems in your business.

The nature of a complex production process is that problems frequently occur. These can include internal quality issues, machine downtime or material supply issues. Many businesses excel in treating the symptoms of these problems to keep production going at all costs. This is commonly known as firefighting and builds in cost and the risk of poor quality. TXM will provide the tools and coaching to identify the root causes and select actions to quickly and successfully eliminate day to day production problems on the shop floor. Team leaders and supervisors will be coached to our apply our SPED process in running daily problem solving meetings to identify and take action on the daily issues that prevent achievement of delivery and quality objectives.

This encourages quick, on-the-spot action to find and address the root causes of problem. It also applies discipline on team leaders and first line supervisors to fix problems rather than constantly fire fighting or referring problems to management to solve.


The use of the TXM “Solving Problems Every Day(r) approach with concern strips was a key factor in the success in improving quality and OEE at Laminex.