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Lean Enterprise is the management system focused on the relentless pursuit of efficiency and elimination of waste in all its forms. Over the past two decades it has become a leading driver of increased productivity and better customer service across a wide range of service industries from banks to building services. TXM are the Asia-Pacific Lean Enterprise experts, successfully adapting the Lean approach to fit each customer’s industry and culture and deliver sustained improvement.

Why TXM In the Office

The TXM team brings decades of lean experience to your office or service business. Our reputation is for delivering practical results and lasting change your business. TXM Lean Service and Lean Office projects have lead to dramatic improvements including:

  • A 25% cut in end of month financial processing time.
  • A 40% cut in customer waiting time at peak periods.
  • A 30% increase in productivity.
  • A 90% reduction in response time on quotations and customer inquiries.

Our projects will pay back your investment within months. And we engage your people so that change is supported and sustained.

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We Understand Service Industries

The TXM team understands that deploying lean in an office or service environment is different to a factory. Service industry covers a huge range of diverse businesses. The TXM team has worked on service and office processes with a wide range of service companies including retail, rental cars, restaurants, property services, fire safety services, legal services, aircraft maintenance, equipment hire, insurance and banking. We are constantly adapting our lean techniques to fit the processes and the culture of new lean service businesses. We can do this, because our team can draw on decades of lean experience with some of the worlds best lean companies including Toyota, Boeing, United Technologies and Ford along with extensive lean consulting experience.

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TXM – the Leaders in Lean Enterprise

TXM Lean Coaches work with you each step of the way, delivering productivity improvements that are embedded in your business’s DNA – improvements that continue long after our on-site involvement has ended.

We work with you to identify measurable business improvement objectives. We then tailor our approach to ensure that these objectives are met. Our warranty means that we wont walk away until you are satisfied that we have achieved our goals and you certainly wont be subjected to a formulaic agenda of workshops in the training room.

Coaching is hands on with short theory sessions followed by direct application in the workplace. This ensures that your team gain the knowledge they need and get to apply this learning right away, building their confidence in applying the learning.

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Learn about Lean in Office and Service Environments

TXM are “thought leaders” in Lean in the Asia Pacific. Our Blogs, Case Studies, Articles, Videos and LinkedIn Groups are viewed by thousands of people every month and provide practical tips and ideas on how you can apply lean in your workplace. Our past and present customers have the added benefit that they can ring us or email us at any time to ask question and get advice on how to further develop their Lean deployment. We are passionate about Lean and take pride in the lasting changes we bring to the businesses we work with.

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