lean office

TXM understands how to transform your office or service business. The practical approach of our experienced team enables us to develop solutions customised to the needs of your business.

TXM Lean Transformation Approach for Office and Service Environments

The TXM Total Excellence System is an integrated approach to business wide lean implementation. TXS is designed to drive change from the bottom up while aligning leadership from the top down. Successful Lean Transformation requires:

Senior Leadership Development to ensure that the lean implementation connects directly to the business’ strategic goals and that Senior Leaders can work effectively to support the new lean culture.
Lean Office Value Stream Mapping to map the end to end process of your critical business processes and develop efficient future state that will drive breakthrough improvements in productivity, lead time and accuracy.
Lean Daily Leadership Process® to establish effective communication within teams and focus each team on the measures that drive peak performance.
Practical 5S® to set a standard for housekeeping and process organisation and make your business a better, safer, more productive place to work.
Solving Problems Every Day® to engage teams in applying simple root cause analysis to solve problems that impact every day performance.