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TXM E-News August 2012 – 5S and Visual Management – Best Lean Books – Lean Production Planning – Lean Training

5S and a Visual Workplace – Essential for Sustaining Lean Manufacturing

Many lean experts are critical of 5S and think it is a superficial tool. However while, 5S and Visual Workplace are not “the solution” for creating a lean culture, it is an essential factors in sustaining any lean production system.more…

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Case Study: 5S and Visual Management In Returnable Packaging Service Centres

Managing your Factory’s Workload and Avoid the Expediting Trap with Level Production

One of the problems we see a lot in manufacturing and office processes, particularly make to order processes is the build up of large backlogs of work in progress. This leads to long lead times and then expediting as “urgent” jobs get pushed to the head of the queue. As many readers will know, expediting does not really help as every time a job gets pushed up the production plan, all the other jobs behind it get delayed. Eventually they need expediting and pretty soon you can forget any production planning as almost every job is expedited and the plan changes hourly. more….

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Learning to use Manufacturing Visual Work Instructions

Visual Work instructions (VWIs) are a tool that transfer knowledge of standard work practises through the use of visual aids. Their graphic nature allows users to see what the end product looks like and what steps they need to complete. The Visual work instructions not only reduce setup time, they reduce mistakes and allow for the transfer of information from one operator to the next. As the standard is develop and maintained, the benefits for reducing variational great as there is a baseline for improvements and a wider understanding to the task is generated within the organisation. Visual work instructions also increase flexibility of staff assignments, eliminating downtime and reducing the monotony of repetitive tasks on the line. more…

Getting Results with Lean Manufacturing – Why Lean Training Programs are Not the Answer

A popular way to implement lean across the world is through implementing a training program. This is often driven by the HR or Training departments and the idea is that by providing the company’s managers and team members with structured training in a range of lean tools and techniques that they will then go and apply those techniques to improve the business. I have personally visited dozens of companies where their leadership and, in many cases, all their employees have completed these qualifications. While, in every case the courses have delivered skills and knowledge that meet the formal requirements of the qualification, I seen very few examples of this training lead to actual lasting change in the workplace.more…

Learning About Lean Manufacturing – the Best Lean Books to Get you Started

It can be a bit bewildering trying to work out where to start with lean. One good way to get an understanding of what lean is all about and to get a few ideas that you can apply in your business yourself is by reading about it. However there are now literally hundreds of books on the subject, and not all of them are particularly useful. Based on our experience at TXM, here are some of the best books to get you started on understanding lean and the Toyota Production System (TPS) more…

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TXM News


TXM Rounds Off a Record Year

The end of June is the end of TXM’s financial year and saw the conclusion of the best every year for the 8 year old lean consulting business. The TXM business grew by over 50% in Australia, while our China business won major new clients including Sony and Yves Rocher and established a strong base for further growth in 2013. more…


TXM Consulting Director Anthony Clyne On Expert Panel at Lean Enterprise China Summit

TXM Consulting Director, Anthony Clyne joined Professor Takahiro Fujimoto from Tokyo University on the podium of the recent Lean Enterprise China Global Lean Summit in Shanghai on June 6-8. Anthony and Professor Fujimoto joined an expert panel discussion with on the challenges of implementing lean in China. more….

TXM Managing Director Launches Australian Manufacturing Futures Blog on Linked In

TXM Managing Director, Tim McLean, is passionate about manufacturing in Australia. This passion and the poor media coverage the industry has received this year inspired Tim to establish a new blog on Linked In focused on creating an informed discussion on Australia’s Manufacturing Future more..

TXM Teaches Lean Standard Work at Branach Manufacturing in Melbourne for Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) Members

In July TXM Consulting Director, Anthony Clyne, conducted an interactive half day lean learning event at ladder manufacturer, Branach in Bayswater in Melbourne. Branach are a long time TXM customer (read our case study). and have done an outstanding job at implementing lean across their business. This has helped provide a platform them to double their sales over the past five years and significantly improve productivity and lead times. more…

TXM Managing Director to present Lean Manufacturing Seminar to the AME in Perth on 14 September 2012

TXM Managing Director will be travelling to Perth in September to present a seminar at a breakfast organised by the local chapter of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME). Tim will provide Western Australian manufacturers, who are struggling with both intense low cost competition from overseas and the demands of the rapidly growing resources industry, ideas on how to improve the agility and competitiveness of their business.

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