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TXM E-News January 2012

Staying Competitive in a Slowing Economy in 2012

If all the predictions are right, 2012 threatens to be a very tough year for business around the world. TXM Director, Tim McLean, provides some ideas on strategies to survive and prosper in the downturn. more…

Leading a Sustainable Lean Transformation

One of the biggest problems that companies face is how to sustain lean improvements. Rapid improvement can often be achieved by implementing lean tools, but it takes a change in culture and the everyday behaviours of leaders and their teams to make the lean processes sustainable. more…

Making the Most of Visual Controls

This excellent blog article by Michelle Brown really defines what visual controls are and what they can do for you. Visual control is one of the most important tools in lean enabling the status of production to be observed in real time enabling problems to be seen right away and standardising every day operational decision making. more…

Lean Tools from the TXM Blog – Summary of 2011

This article provides links to articles on our blog covering a wide range of lean tools. Select the links to the lean manufacturing tools you are interested in to learn more from TXM Lean Consultants and bloggers, Michelle Brown and Rob Chittenden. more…

TXM News

Lean for Pharmaceuticals and Food Industries in China

TXM Consulting Director, Anthony Clyne started 2012 in China with a series of talks about how to apply lean manufacturing principles in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. Anthony presented workshops in Shanghai and Beijing in conjuction with our partners, ISPE, Lean Six Sigma Institute China and 1MFG.com. more…

Check out Our New 5s Pages, Case Studies and other New Information on our Website

The TXM website is constantly being upgraded and improved and now contains a wealth of information about lean. We now have a new page focusing on 5s which you can access here or at www.5s.com.au. 5s is a vital foundation tool and the new page now provides an introduction to the TXM Practical 5S approach as well as links to articles and case studies. Our Case Study page now has a much greater range of case studies in implementing lean

TXM Introduces New Lean Supply Chain Simulation at Sydney Supply Chain Management Conference

TXM Director, Tim McLean was one of the speakers at the 4th Supply Chain Management Conference in Sydney on 5 December 2011. Tim spoke provided the audience of Senior Supply Chain professionals with practical lean supply chain solutions to optimise global supply chains and presented case studies that demonstrated how these concepts could be applied. more…

Anthony Clyne Presents about Lean Manufacturing in a GMP Environment

People working in various GMP environments face common challenges implementing lean tools. A workshop in Beijing had people from diverse fields as a Stem Cell Laboratory, Biscuit Factory, Pharmaceutical, and a Beverage Bottling Plant. All had a common interest to share best practice implementing lean manufacturing in a GMP environment. more…