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The Ninth Waste in Office and Service Processes

We all know about the seven wastes and hopefully can recite them by heart. Most of us now accept that underutilised human potential is the eighth waste, but are you ready for a ninth waste? TXM China Consulting Director, Justin Tao, has introduced us to a form of waste that is unique to lean office and lean service environments and we think it is distinctive enough from the other eight wastes to be truly defined as “The Ninth Waste”.  Read on to find out more about this extra form of waste lurking in your  (previously) lean office.

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The Unexpected Benefits of Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping is more than just creating a pretty, colourful picture or cool printouts to cover your War Room walls – there are several benefits that we find each time we get a cross functional team together. These unexpected benefits occur regardless of the type of industry or level of the organisation that we are working with. Here we will discuss the three unexpected benefits of creating a value stream map.

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Making your ERP System live with your Kanban System

The outcome of a well designed and maintained kanban system is that your problems with part shortages are likely to disappear. The effort required to manage materials can be dramatically reduced. Inventory is usually recorded in an ERP system. Therefore how do you connect these physical transactions with what is being recorded on your balance sheet via your ERP system?

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The Best Lean Blogs for Discussion and Ideas

Have you wondered which Lean blogs the TXM consultants keep an eye on? (Apart from this one!) We are always keeping an eye on the latest productivity trends, research and methods to get Lean to “Stick” and all of that gets added into the TXM Knowledge Vault to ensure YOU get the latest and greatest when it comes to Lean Thinking and Philosophy. We are always looking for information to feed our minds.

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TXM Lean Consultants brains are always getting the latest in Lean

Featured Case Study – Beechworth Bakery

The Beechworth Bakery is a major tourist destination serving over 1 million customers per year with a wide range of cakes, pastries and breads. Beechworth Bakery was becoming a victim of its own success as it struggled to cope with the high volume of customers at peak times. This was particularly the case with tourist coaches and other large groups. Poor client flow and a lack of standard process behind the counter lead to long wait times and disgruntled customers. Following an Enterprise Connect Business Review, TXM was engaged to improve “Front of House” processes in order to transform the customer experience at Beechworth Bakery.

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TXM News

TXM Launches “Lean Service” Website

TXM have launched a new website dedicated to the application of Lean in Service and Office environments. www.leanservice.com.au features blogs, case studies and articles about lean service and lean office topics. It also provides information about the range of services that TXM provides for Lean Service and Lean Office customers.

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Roger Crothers Joins TXM as a Senior Lean Consultant in Sydney

TXM is pleased to welcome Roger Crothers to the team. Based in Sydney, Roger has more then 17 years experience driving Lean initiatives across mechanical, industrial and FMCG industries. Roger is an experienced manufacturing leader with extensive Lean training in Australia, Japan and the US, including being mentored by TXM Consulting Director, Anthony Clyne.

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TXM Keynote Presentation at ISPE Australia Conference

TXM Managing Director, Tim McLean, was a keynote presenter at the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE) Conference in Canberra. Tim’s presentation focused on the application of Lean Manufacturing to pharmaceutical projects.  TXM also had an exhibition stand at the conference where Tim and TXM Senior Consultant, Michelle Brown provided conference delegates with more information about implementing Lean Manufacturing. Follow the link to read more and download the conference presentation.

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TXM Team to Attend ATCO Perth Plant Opening – Lean Plant Layout

IOctober 24th is an exciting day for the TXM team because it marks the official opening by Western Australian Premier, Colin Barnett, of the new ATCO Structures and Logistics relocatable buildings plant in Kwinana, Western Australia. This $2 0million world leading facility will manufacture custom built relocatable buildings for the mining and construction industries using an end to end lean production system developed with TXM.

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TXM Lean Leadership Article Features in Australian Manufacturing Technology Magazine

TXM Managing Director, Tim McLean, again featured in the August edition of Australian Manufacturing Technology Magazine (AMT). AMT is the leading trade magazine for the Engineering and Manufacturing industries and the August article was an adaptation of Tim’s highly popular blog about the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Lean Leaders”.

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