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TXM E-News – Volume 6, Issue 2, July 2011

Process Manufacturing – Different Challenges, But No Barriers for Lean

Process manufacturing encompasses a huge range of industries, from Minerals Processsing to Food Manufacturing and from Speciality Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals to Building Products. Despite the differences between these operations and traditional discrete manufacturing, TXM has assisted many process manufacturers to apply lean. Success requires some modifications and some special lean tools. More…

If You Can’t Flow – FIFO – The Simplest Way to Keep Product Moving

In very many processes, it is not practical to achieve “one piece flow” (where products move one by one at the rate of customer demand). Perhaps one process in the chain will need to stop periodically (for cleaning for example). Perhaps there are variations in output from one product to the next or perhaps production cycle times vary. In these cases a first in first out (FIFO) lane will help keep the product moving. More…

Sykes Racing – An Olympic Success Story

Back in pre-GFC 2008, world leading Rowing Boat Manufacturer, Sykes Racing was spread across several small factory buildings on the side of a hill in Geelong. Sykes boats had migrated from wood to sophisticated carbon fibre composites many years before, but the manufacturing mindset was largely unchanged. Sykes Managing Director Jeff Lawrence asked the Enterprise connect business advisor from the Geelong Manufacturing Counil to do a free of charge business review. This revealed the need to introduce lean manufacturing concepts. More…

Ten Things to Do (and One Thing Not to D0) About a Carbon Tax

We have heard a lot in Australia about the dangers of the Government’s Carbon Tax for Manufacturers. Now that it is almost certain to become law, it is time to start planning how to reduce the impact of the carbon tax on your manufacturing business. More…

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